A continuous formation guided towards the professional Urban Dance scene.

3 hours per week of Urban Dance training, techniques and theory to push motivated dancers to accumulate the tools necessary to follow Urban Dance as a career path.
ARTMOXIA director Cindy McAuliffe and project leader Lakesshia Pierre Colon of Ör Pür Dance Company will be co-ordinating the program over a 10 month, 35 week period that consists of multiple elements of the professional dance world.

Each month a different instructor will take charge of the trainings focusing on various aspects of training, self-discovery, self-development and creation skills.
Once a month a guest mentor representing renowned Urban Dance companies in Montreal such as Symbiotic Monsters, Tentacle Tribe, Ör Pür, VicVersa, and more will give a theory workshop or dance formation focused on important skills required to prepare dancers for future auditions, creative research, choreography, concepts, solos and more.
During the 2nd half of the project, a collective piece of 20 minutes will be created with the leadership of upcoming choreographers and experienced dancers to be presented publicly on June 16th 2018.

Formation ARTMOXIA is open to a limit of 13 dancers only and requires an audition on September 2nd 2018.

Applicants must be:
– 15-17yrs or 18yrs+
(ARTMOXIA will be instructing some formations collectively and other formations will be divided into youth/adult categories.)
– Training a minimum of 6-8 hours per week in at least one Urban Dance style.
– Dedicated, punctual, motivated.
– In adequate physical ability to endure intensive training.
– Willing to push their physical, physical and imaginative boundaries with an open mind and full co-operation.
– Available and consistently present for the entirety of the 10 month program.

Hip-Hop: Lakesshia Pierre Colon
House: Junior Dorsaint & Rweg Dantiste
Youth Creation: John Kelly Bastien & Benoit Fareau-Gabourg
Adult Creation: Lakesshia Pierre Colon & Cindy McAuliffe
Assisted by members of company Ör Pür Dance.

– Ör Pür (Lakesshia Pierre Colon)
– Symbiotic Monsters (MonstaPop & J-Style)
– Tentacle Tribe (Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund)
– VicVersa (Victoria McKenzie)
–  Helen Simard

Formation Artmoxia Schedule:
Starts : September 9th 2018
Ends : June 16th 2018
Time: Sunday 18h-21h
Place: Urban-Element Zone
Address: 7577 St.Hubert Street, Montreal, Qc,  H2R 2S7

*PLEASE NOTE: UEZ will be giving 5 scholarships to selected students offering them a place in the ARTMOXIA program at no cost as part of a sponsorship program.*
(Scholarship covers the price of ARTMOXIA program and not any additional classes or workshops the student may consume.)

Regular Price:  $80/month for 10 months training (105 hours).

UEZ Unlimited Forfait Students: 70% rebate