Unleash your passion, embrace the rhythm, and let your body speak the language of dance. Join our vibrant dance school and embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic excellence.

Sessional courses


SUMMER SESSION 2023 – June 19 to September 3

Our summer session consists only of Drop-In courses for teens and adults, as well as a 6-week mini-session for children.

FALL 2023 SESSION – September 4 to December 17

The next full session and trial period begins in September for the fall 2023 session with registration starting August 1.


The following prices are for currently enrolled students to view their payment plan dates.


1st payment: (on registration)

2nd payment: may 1st 2023

3rd payment: may 29th 2023

DOUBLE TROUBLE : 2 classes per week

2 x payments of $187.50

TRIPLE TRIPPE ! : 3 classes per week

3 x payments of $185

BEASTMODE !! : Unlimited classes per week

3x $220 payments